42dot maps SDK


The 42dot Maps SDK has been developed by 42dot as a standard map guideline for providing map-based services. It aims to enhance key content based on different environments and purposes, and is designed to facilitate integration with various services.

I have improved the usability of the existing map while defining a standardized style for the entire map. Depending on the purpose of our in-house service that provides route and navigation information, we have planned the presentation of information on the map to be conveyed clearly.


The Point of Interest (POI) icons are the most fundamental visual identity elements of the map and have an extended form in the brand guidelines. They swiftly convey information about terrain and location at every user interaction with the map, and all POI icons are designed to maintain a consistent level of representation.

Sprite image

The color system composing the map symbols has been designed as the most perceptually distinct and functional colors, enabling users to accurately differentiate POI attributes. All colors are applied at a representation level that does not intrude upon other prominent content on the map, facilitating increased connectivity with various mobility services through our planning.

The key element of the map style, polygons, provides topographical information that surpasses the mere location data on the map. We have defined the prioritization of displaying information such as residential areas and educational facility complexes based on usage frequency, aiming to offer a user-centered map UX by delivering a map experience that revolves around the users.

Navigation UI

In addition to maps, I have defined all visual information used in the navigation GUI. These icons play a crucial role in route guidance, ensuring quick and clear recognition of essential information. Furthermore, the neutral visual of the icons maximizes the usability of the UI and strengthens the brand identity.

TBT icons & route

RSI test ver.

To provide users with a consistent design experience across the vehicle infotainment system, I closely collaborated with the navigation team. As a result of this collaboration, the connected apps within the infotainment system exhibit distinct specialized usability while maintaining strong interconnectedness.

Map editor

UMOS Map Studio is a map authoring tool that allows creators to generate and edit map styles, icons, fonts, and prioritize POIs. It has been designed to provide an intuitive way for creators to visualize the hierarchy and specifications of all information, enabling them to create and adjust the map's style effectively.

UMOS map studio

All of 42dot's services have been able to actively leverage the creation of standard maps for these services, as they are all map-based. Collaborating with engineers as needed, I could establish POI hierarchies tailored to the characteristics of each service and create advanced maps.

Last updated 2021