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I'm an experienced product designer based in Seoul and possess the creative mindset required for designing seamless user experiences.

Latest releases

Blind onboarding 2.0

By implementing an enhanced onboarding process at Blind, we successfully expanded new user acquisition and elevated our brand identity to a higher level. 2023

Offer evaluations on Blind

Stimulated active user engagement through new feature development for collecting user data, elevating data accuracy and refining total compensation data. 2023

Blind composer 2.0

Enhanced the channel selection UX for versatile content creation, and scalable design for diverse attachments. 2023

All projects

Gmarket smile delivery

Launched expedited delivery service to swiftly adapt to market shifts and elevate user experience, aligning with industry changes. 2022


Streamlined fleet management solutions optimizing operations and efficiency for businesses. 2022

42dot brand renewal

Participated in brand renewal project and awarded Red Dot winner of corperate design. 2021

TAP! beta

Tested the autonomous driving mobility service's mobile platform beta version and In-vehicle user experience. 2021

42dot maps SDK

Defined the visual identity of 42dot maps SDK and POI icon designs, map style standards. 2020

Genesis maps theme

Participated in the development project for providing the advanced maps UX and launched the new maps theme Neon. 2020

HMC map icon standards

Improved the usability of the In-vehicle navigation maps and work productivity through HMC icon renewal project. 2019

Visual creatives

Tried to depict the passing peoples in a new way, which garnered significant attention in the design community. 2018


Anonymous workplace discussions via Blind app, boosting employee collaboration and insights. 2022

ebay Korea

Powering e-commerce innovation in Korea with a dynamic online marketplace offering diverse products and services. 2021


Shaping automotive future: Research, design, and engineering hub driving EVs, autonomy, and connectivity for Hyundai. 2019


Empowering Hyundai Motor Group with IT solutions, software, and data analysis for automotive progress. 2018

About me

My name is SeungHyun Yoo, I am an experienced product designer with 5 years of experience. I began my first professional career in the automotive industry, and now I contribute to an industry where I can experience the voices of a broader range of users.

And I prioritize swift execution and focusing on creating the big picture rather than getting caught up in minor aesthetics. Even if the beginning might seem somewhat modest, I strive for excellence through unwavering dedication and continuous improvement.

You can find me camping with my loved one and taking leisurely walks with my dog on the weekends.


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